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Season 4, Episode 6

'The Girl on a Bicycle' and 'Endless Love'

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Endless Love

Director: Shana Feste

Year: 2014     Run Time: 104 min

The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

Larry's Review

Jesus, you're some critic. Fun, but painful?

Larry did not rate this film

Gregg's Review

This is a fun movie. A little painful at times, I found.

5 Bags of Popcorn

Girl on a Bicycle

Director: Jeremy Leven

Year: 2013     Run Time: 101 min

Paolo (Vincenzo Amato), an Italian who drives a Paris tour bus, has just proposed to his true love, the German stewardess, Greta (Nora Tschirner), when the young French beauty, Cécile (...

Gregg's Review

It wasn't a Bond movie. I'm kind of a Bond-head as anyone who watches this show knows, but it had it's charms

5 Bags of Popcorn

Larry's Review

I didn't like it as much as you, I only gave it 3 bags.

3 Bags of Popcorn

Popcorn Classics

Medicine Man

Director: John McTiernan

Year: 1992     Run Time: 106 min

An eccentric scientist working for a large drug company is working on a research project in the Amazon jungle. He sends for a research assistant and a gas chromatograph because he's close ...

Gregg's Comments

I saw this quite some time ago, as well. But I do remember that it was sort of an instant classic at the time
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