The On Cinema Timeline


The Recurring Segments of On Cinema

Popcorn Classics (40 Episodes)

Not planning on going out to the movies this weekend? No problem! Let Gregg Turkington dip into his vast VHS collection and highlight some classic films you may have missed.

Decker Updates (24 Episodes)

Tim Heidecker gives true #Deckerheads what they crave: up-to-the-minute info about upcoming episodes as well as what's going on behind the scenes of the hit action series.

On Cinema On Location (23 Episodes)

Hollywood, California - every street has a story, and these are but just a few. Come along for the ride as Gregg Turkington shows you real life locations from your favorite Hollywood classics.

Music from Dekkar/DKR (19 Episodes)

Despite his workload with both On Cinema and Decker, Tim Heidecker always finds time to rock out with his brothers, Axiom Serradimigni and Manuel Giusti. These performances highlight their musical prowess as Dekkar/DKR.

#500MoviesIn500Days Updates (10 Episodes)

Follow along with Gregg Turkington as he documents his journey into the Guinness Book of World Records by watching 500 Movies in 500 days.

Stump The Buff (5 Episodes)

True movie buffs pride themselves on their expertise in the world of cinema, and there's no better way to test that expertise than with a round of Stump The Buff!

VFA Classics (4 Episodes)

Gregg Turkington and Mark Proksch team up to bring old classics to the masses with this innovative line of VHS remasters.

Virtual Reality (3 Episodes)

Being a true buff means having knowledge about the filmmaking techniques of the past, present, AND future. With a little technical help from Max Eucompco, the On Cinema crew takes a deep dive into the world of virtual reality.

On Cinema Markives (3 Episodes)

The boys crack open the On Cinema video archives to give viewers exclusive access to some unreleased deep cuts showcasing the comedic range of Mark Proksch.

VFA Update (3 Episodes)

Follow along with Gregg Turkington as he details his journey to rebuild the Victorville Film Archives.

Golden Age Comedies (3 Episodes)

Jump in your time machine and let master impersonator Mark Proksch take you back in time and teach you about classic comedy films as W.C. Fields.

Popcorn Classics: Behind the Curtain (2 Episodes)

Prepare to learn about the inner workings of Tinseltown as Gregg Turkington gives you a peek "behind the curtain" in this exciting interview series.

Tim's Mailbag (2 Episodes)

As host of On Cinema, Tim Heidecker gets a lot of mail. When the boys decide to open some on camera, you never know what they're going to find!

On Cinema On Defense (2 Episodes)

Michael Matthews joins Tim and Gregg on set to discuss the latest technology/weapons in the world of self-defense.

On Cinema On Guests (2 Episodes)

Learn more about the amazing guests who lend their insight and expertise to On Cinema in this series of in-depth interviews.

On Cinema On Birthdays (2 Episodes)

Were you born on the same day as Hollywood bad boy Johnny Depp? Do you share your special day with international starlet Lindsay Lohan? Tune in to find out!

60 Second Soapbox (2 Episodes)

Sometimes Tim Heidecker needs an opportunity to speak about topics outside of the world of film. Prepare yourself for opinionated takes on politics, religion, healthcare, and more!

On Cinema On Safety (1 Episode)

Tim Heidecker shares tips on gun safety to help keep you and your family safe while cleaning your firearms.

Father & Son Movie Review (1 Episode)

Tim Heidecker and his stepson Matt Newman sit down to review movies, talk about the latest video games, and bullshit about their buddies.

Joe On Location (1 Episode)

Joe Estevez takes us on location to show us where various films from his prolific filmography were created.

Oscar This Is Your Life (1 Episode)

"The Living Oscar" Mark Proksch gets taken on a trip through Oscar history by film buff Gregg Turkington.

Trip Down Joemory Lane (1 Episode)

Not many living actors boast a resume more prolific than Joe Estevez. In the segment Gregg Turkington sits down with Joe to take a look back at some highlights from his storied career.

Xposed with Michael Matthews (1 Episode)

Michael Matthews hits the streets to expose corruption in this hard-hitting documentary series.

Magic Red Carpet Ride (1 Episode)

Very few buffs ever get the chance to walk Oscar's red carpet and rub elbows with the stars of Tinseltown. For the rest of us, Gregg Turkington uses a bit of movie magic to give us the next best thing.

Its a Wrap (1 Episode)

Gregg Turkington takes viewers on location to It's A Wrap, a store selling authentic clothing and memorabilia taken straight from Hollywood movie sets.

Where The Stars Were Born (1 Episode)

Can you guess which starlet was born at the Church of Scientology headquarters? Visit the birthplaces of Hollywood royalty in this exciting segment by Gregg Turkington.

Marks Brothers (1 Episode)

You may know the Marx Brothers but do you know Mark's Brothers? Meet the men behind the man as Gregg Turkington gives you an inside look at Mark Proksch's family life.

Ask Oscar (1 Episode)

Film buff Gregg Turkington talks to a "living Oscar" and asks him about his illustrious past, present and future.

Top 6 Moments From Arthur (1 Episode)

Originally aired at The Seventh Annual On Cinema Oscar Special, this segment explores the 6 greatest moments from the 1981 popcorn classic "Arthur" (97 minutes). Only 2 of the 6 segments ever aired.

Popcorn Classics: Christmas Edition (1 Episode)

What's better than firing up the VCR to watch a Popcorn Classic? Firing up the VCR to watch a feel-good holiday Popcorn Classic.

When Oscar Got It Wrong (1 Episode)

We all love the glitz and glamour of Oscar night, but sometimes you need to step back and take a critical look at whether or not the Academy is making the right call.

Valli Remembers (1 Episode)

Longtime friend of the show Bobby Valli recalls some of his favorite Oscar memories.

The Super Oscars (1 Episode)

Frustrated by Hollywood's one-ceremony-per-year Oscar schedule, Gregg Turkington devised the Super Oscars to show what could be possible if Oscar started to think outside the box.

Stars On Directors (1 Episode)

There's no better way to get inside the mind of a big-time director than to sit down and talk to Hollywood stars who work with them. In this series, Gregg Turkington does just that.

Road To Hollywood (1 Episode)

Retrace the steps that all the great stars have taken as Gregg Turkington takes on the Road to Hollywood!

Popcorn Classics: VFA Edition (1 Episode)

When you want to show the absolute best VHS tapes to your audience, you go right to the source. In this special edition of Popcorn Classics, Gregg Turkington takes us behind the scenes of the Victor Film Archive and shares some of the collections best films.

On Cinema Gift Exchange (1 Episode)

What do you buy for the buff who has everything? Find out during the annual On Cinema Gift Exchange.

Celebrity Backlot (1 Episode)

Throw caution to the wind with Gregg Turkington as he risks it all to sneak on to famous Hollywood backlots and chat with industry insiders.

Popcorn Classics: Lucky Dip (1 Episode)

To commemorate "Lucky Season 7", Gregg Turkington turns his popular Popcorn Classics segment into a game of luck.

Movie History (1 Episode)

You can't fully appreciate modern day cinema without having a firm understanding of movie history. In this segment Tim Heidecker takes a look back at the cinema techniques and technologies of yesteryear.

Oscar Olympics (1 Episode)

Do you have both the cinema expertise AND the physical stamina to be the best of the best on Hollywood's biggest night? Find out at the Oscar Olympics.

On Cinema On Songwriters (1 Episode)

In this intimate segment, Tim Heidecker talks about how songwriting works and where it comes from.

On Cinema On Popcorn (1 Episode)

Nothing pairs better with a home movie than a fresh bowl of buttered popcorn. This series will help you decide which popcorn brands to look for (or avoid) in the supermarket aisles.

On Cinema On Directors (1 Episode)

Join Gregg Turkington for his chat show where he speaks to some of the greatest directors of our time.

Hollywood Heights (0 Episodes)

Hollywood Heights is Gregg Turkington's in-depth exploration of the heights of Tinseltown's biggest stars. Unfortunately, due to technical issues during The Seventh Annual On Cinema Oscar Special this segment never aired.